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Seal box

Hand-painted seal boxes by Artist and Seal Activist Kim Zoerb.
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Seal Rock

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Hand-painted by Kim Zoerb, these seal rocks are becoming a legend. Use them as decorations, paper weights, or just as great conversation pieces.

A great way to bring up the subject of the seal "hunt" and the Canadian seafood boycott with friends and colleagues!

With the message "Save the Seals" on the back, along with our web site URL as well as those of other organizations fighting for the seals, these little pieces of art are both adorable and effective tools to end the seal slaughter.

They make a great stocking stuffer, too!

Hundreds have been distributed around the country to grateful kids of all ages. Get yours today!

Price: $7.00
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We do our best to process your order within a week, but as a volunteer-run organization, we can't guarantee that we will always be able to get your order out this quickly. Occasionally, we may require up to 3 weeks to process your order. Thank you for your patience and for supporting Harpseals.org and the seal campaign.

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