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Harpseals.org Needs Your Support

Harpseals.org is a focused, all-volunteer organization working hard to end the harp seal "hunt" once and for all. We are the only organization promoting the Canadian seafood boycott with a mass media and direct outreach campaign.

We also are working to end the Cape fur seal massacre in Namibia and working on the broader issue of the conflict between the fishing industry and seals.

Harpseals.org is a 501(c)(3) charity, registered as a public benefit corporation in California. Your donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Our Federal Tax ID number (TIN) is 61-1467370.



harp seal pup - Joe Raedle - Getty images

Whitecoat harp seal pup. Photo by Joe Raedle, Getty images.

Harpseals.org operates with very low overhead and no salaries. Your donations are used for spreading information about the seal hunt and how people can help end it. We air TV and radio commercials, put up billboards, run print and online ads, staff information booths at fairs and festivals, give presentations at schools and civic and religious group meetings, and more.

We also provide free resources for seal activists worldwide, including printed leaflets, flyers, Action Cards, and posters.

Harpseals.org BillboardWith our web site and our email newsletters, we strive to educate the public and keep seal activists up to date on the campaign.

We need your financial help to accomplish this...and to win the campaign to end the seal hunt once and for all.

Please donate today. Thank you!

Harpseals.org accepts many forms of donations. You may donate to help the seals with your credit cards (or with a checking account, if you use PayPal), by sending a check in the mail, by donating an automobile, and even when auctioning items on E-bay auctions (through missionFish). Every type of donation helps. We especially encourage you to sign up for monthly donations with your credit card. This helps us continue our outreach campaigns all year.

Please Contact us if you have questions.




We offer four ways to donate with a major credit card:

  • One-time donations through PayPal (which also allows donations directly from bank accounts)
  • One-time donations directly with your credit card
  • Monthly donations through PayPal
  • Monthly donations directly with your credit card

Donations made with PayPal incur much lower fees, leaving more for our campaigns to end the seal massacres.

Thank you for your support!

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Since PayPal's fees are lower than merchant account fees, more of your donation goes to help stop the slaughter of seals.

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Make a One-Time Donation with your Credit Card

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Sign up for Monthly Donations with your Credit Card

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Beater Harp Seal PupTo donate by check, please make your check payable to Harpseals.org and send it to

4429 Village Rd., #111
Long Beach, CA 90808

We also accept donations of cars, boats, and RV's. Click here to donate a vehicle you no longer need.Car Donations Accepted - Harpseals.org

MissionFishAnother way to help the seals is with Mission Fish. If you auction items on Ebay, you may donate a portion of your proceeds to Harpseals.org through Mission Fish. We appreciate any and all donations. Everything helps!



We thank the following foundations for their support:

Audrey Love Charitable Foundation

Avrum Katz Foundation

Fund for Wild Nature

The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association



Harpseals.org Privacy Policy for Donors

Other donation policies:

Refunds: We do not refund donations.
Deliveries: We mail letters for all donations over $5, typically within three months of the donation.


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